I met Jeremías earlier this year in Chicago during a time in my life when I needed to practice more self love and care. Unlike other experiences with training, what drew me to the program is the convenience. In a time where we need everything fast, this program is literally at your fingertips. Jeremías sets up weekly workouts for you and ensures to switch it up every so often as to help our bodies push themselves even more. I’ve lost almost 20 lbs with the program and I have to say I’m loving my new bod! Check him out on TrainWithMe, you won’t regret it. 

- Jennefer, 29


Glute Builder Program

Glute Builder Program


Kent and I trained with Jeremias Campos for 2 years.  We valued his positive attitude, the way he takes our goals seriously and the way he changes up our workout every week. Jeremias has a passion for being healthy. He brings a spiritual and holistic approach to training. He is also particularly good at motivating women to push harder, paying attention to their specific workout needs. 

Kent is a tri-athlete and I aims to achieve and maintain basic fitness. With very different work out needs, this is a challenge for a trainer, but Jeremias does it effectively, tailoring each workout to challenge us both.

- Dinah Cardin & Kent 

Glute Builder Program

Glute Builder Program

Glute Builder Program


I’m 21 years old and have had a very active lifestyle growing up. However I didn’t feel comfortable with the way I looked. Every workout that I did, did not give me the results I was looking for. 

Since I have started training with Jeremias Campos on the Train With Me app, I have noticed drastic changes with the way I feel and look. I wasn’t the only one noticing them either. The workouts consist of verbal and visual instructions to make sure that you are doing the exercises correctly. Every day of training consisted working on a different part of the muscle group. Train With Me is convenient of where and when I want to train because it is scheduled into my day and was the best alternative to go to. I do not think I would ever train with out it. 

-Sydney, 21

Weight/Fat Shred

Glute Builder Program

Weight/Fat Shred


I began working out with Jeremias via Train With Me app because my schedule is extremely busy and always changing. Jeremias is a committed and professional trainer who truly focuses on your goals and has your best intentions at heart. He is extremely efficient in customizing your own personal routine for your specific body type.

TrainWithMe app is so convenient because I can work out anywhere and at any time. Jeremias makes workouts for both gym and at home in which he can ensure you are completing your set routine to achieve your goals. I’m able to work out at home eliminate the hassle of crowded gyms and long wait times for machines. I feel like I can work out at my own pace which drives me to work out harder. With this app and having access to a great trainer like Jeremias, there is no excuse on why you can not accomplish your goals.

I feel a lot less pain throughout my body, I feel more energetic, able, and motivated than I have ever been to reach my goals.

I lost 100+ lbs in 6 months with Jeremias.

- Chayanne, 26

Weight/Fat Shred

Healthy Lifestyle

Weight/Fat Shred


Every day I learned how to be more confident with my body and remembered the pointers Jeremias gave me on nutrition.

I started personal training with Jeremias because I hated how people use to tell me I was very over weight. I felt so uncomfortable knowing that if my habits continued, then I would be more likely to develop health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. I would love to have children in the future however if I continued my sedentary lifestyle, then I knew it would not be in my favor. I just didn’t want to feel that way anymore.

Jeremias Campos motivated me and told me that everything I wanted was all in the mind. Because the mind is the one that controls you. And everything takes time.

I lost 70 lbs from May ‘17 to November ‘17 with Jeremias as my trainer.

Every day Jeremias would help me envision our next goal. When I saw that I could lose about 5lbs + per week, I’m proud to say that Jeremias has helped me make my goal a reality.

-Stephany, 27

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle


My fitness journey has been the definition of a roller coaster. At times I would be very consistent in my workout efforts and see impressive improvements. Other times I would lose all dedication and go months without breaking a sweat.

Jeremias has been a lifesaver to my fitness journey! He always checks up on me and really appreciates any feedback I might have. If and when I do miss a workout due to my busy schedule he motivates me to make up the workout when I do have the time.   

The train with me app provides the right mixture of workouts that suit my interests. Jeremias likes to add cardio and stretching into his workout routines which is extremely helpful. I’ve even received compliments at the gym about my progress! Great app for busy 20 year olds like me that need motivation and guidance.

-Ysmeli, 23

Family Therapy

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle


I started with Jeremias because you have always been a positive and determined person and I felt like those qualities plus the motivation you put out were what I needed in order to stick to my personal goal in fitness.

It helped me by being so simple and convenient. Simple as in its all in the palm of my hands (literally). I set up the days I plan to workout and I do the workouts at the times i can. You give me workouts that are aimed to achieve my goals and you provide excellent communication with me as your client.

I like that I am able to communicate with you. I’m able to rate the workouts you give me, while also providing verbal feedback. I also really like the fact that you check in with me every now and then to monitor my progress. Your motivation never fails me.

I notice that I am a lot more firm about working out. I see when you assign me new workouts and I feel determined to complete it. I feel less pain in certain joints in my body and my body growing stronger.

- Annabel, 26