Results in 30-60 days. Resultados en 30-60 dias.

Residential On-Site bootcamps & CORPORATE FITNESS PROGRAM

SUAVE FITNESS has joined TrainWithMe app & other Boston TWM featured trainers to provide fitness challenges for residential apartments, businesses, corporates, schools, etc. 

Current Clients: Roseland Properties in Revere (The Chase & Alterra)


  • On site training: private (1 on 1 and/or group) & online
  • Provide value to your residents/colleagues to aid in retention.
  • Home and/or gym-based routines designed for all fitness levels. 

Body are our temples. Cherish it before unexpected health issues arise.  

This is just the tip of the iceberg that most can see. In your physical health, "the tip of the iceberg" are things like fitness and your physical appearance.

The bottom of the iceberg is what people can't see. In collaboration with Suave Fitness, you shall develop an understanding of "the bottom of iceberg" where someone can experience things like doubt, insecurities, mental health issues, mindfulness, etc.

About Us

Boston/NY native brings his talents & knowledge in the health and wellness by delivering corporate wellness events involving fitness, nutrition, and virtual, online training challenges for employees. 

Improved health has been found to have a positive correlation with work related performance.

How We start?

  • Contact me to book an in-person meeting or a 15-30 minute call.

Tracking Progress

  • TWM provides a point system on steps, workouts completed, miles traveled, etc. 
  • This will bring a competitive feel for different departments or teams to participate.  
  • This point system will be useful to see which department is most active and to compare perform with activity level.


  • Participants get unrestricted access to in-app trainer messaging for support. 
  • Monthly fitness assessment & nutritional consult.
  • Monthly photos to track progress.

Supplemental options

  1. In person personal training available.  
  2. Receive a blood test to review progress of 8 biomarkers including: 

  • Total cholesterol
  • LDL, “bad” cholesterol
  • HDL, “good” cholesterol
  • HbA1c, a indicator of blood sugar over the last three months
  • Hs-CRP, an indicator of inflammation
  • Vitamin D, a key vitamin involved in many metabolic functions
  • Testosterone, primary male sex hormone
  • Estradiol, primary female sex hormone