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Featured On

Forbes Highlighting Online Training

The online platform, TrainWithMe app which Jeremias has sent over 10,000 workouts was featured on Forbes "The Top 16 Apps That Will Guarantee You More Success in 2018."

Boston Voyager Magazine

Featured on a local magazine, Boston Voyager, Jeremias explains his journey to build Suave Fitness through the success of his online training.

 “Meet Jeremias Campos of TrainWithMe app in Downtown”


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As a fitness specialist, Jeremias designs a personalized program that is designed to improve day to day life.

Increase overall strength, functional movement, core/balance, and much more.

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Jeremias has designed a personalized programs for THOUSANDS to improve day to day life.

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My story

Let the FUN BEGIN!

Jeremias of Suave Fitness delivering a wellness presentation focused on fitness, nutrition, and other key components. 

Fitness is the "tip of the icebery" that people can SEE! "Under the iceberg" is what people don't see including: tears, finances, mental battles, doubt, etc.

Jeremias loves to empower the masses to execute their goals & dreams with action, less words.

Both of my parents come from Dominican Republic. They taught me how to enjoy the minimal as things develop. They are my motivation to pursue greatness & motivate the masses to be comfortable in their skin as they grow, physically & mentally.

Both of my parents were so caught up keeping my brother & I on track that they lost themselves in terms of health. 

Some of my family members have passed from diabetes, cancer, and other health issues. 

After receiving his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Keene State College, Jeremias dedicates time to provide quality service to his clients through PRIVATE & ONLINE training.  

My origin: Growing up in the Bronx, NY & Lynn, MA has influenced my journey to empower people to take ACTION & manifesting into a better human beings by using their WHY to fuel your journey. 

My belief: I am a believer of enjoying the journey! “It’s a marathon, not a sprint.” Day by day, We get better.

I remember feeling weak, no confidence, lacking direction, etc. 

I encourage all my clients to remember their defining moments & use it as motivation.

Privately I have trained.. 

  • a NASA engineer
  • Wall Street business men & women
  • Artists
  • Professors
  • Develop corporation wellness programs 
  • I’ve been blessed to train clients from EACH continent except Antarctica.

Why Jeremias? He has a fitness app featured on Forbes & Boston Voyager, TrainWithMe app. Through this app, he sends virtual workouts to take his influence internationally.     


My why?: The results my clients receive is what drives me to continue influencing and spreading my fitness knowledge to others. 

(Hablo Espanol)

Mind, Body, Spirit


Training philosophy: Fitness principle are like life.

"Life is a marathon, not a sprint race."

In life and fitness, people can get overwhelmed in knowing they have work to do to achieve their ideal body.

Before fitness, I aid in getting clients behind YOUR why & envisioning their ideal body to increase the power of visualization.

Who Am I?

Common goals achieved by my clients:

  1. Muscle build
  2. Weight/fat loss
  3. Booty Build
  4. Many more.

View the video below to understand more about his PRIVATE & ONLINE services.

Online Training via Trainwithme app

Check out this great video to understand how clients use this currently.