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"Less health issues, more happiness"

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Welcome! Bienviendo!


Since receiving my bachelor of science in Exercise Science from Keene State College, educating others on finding which strategies (in & out of the gym) and exercises is best for others has been a passion!

I've dedicated time to help thousands on how to overcome potential hurdles and reach health & fitness goals. 

I empower individuals of all fitness levels with my customized programs that strategically fit their lifestyle. The results my clients receive is what drives me to continue influencing and spreading my fitness knowledge to others. 

I provide private and/or online training.

Hablo Espanol.

Your Success is my Goal


Train well. Eat well. Feel well. Look great. 

Adapt new habits to change your perspective on your life.

More happiness, less health issues.

Get a routine to see results!

Struggling to follow a routine? 

Want to avoid a plateau?

Want to prevent/avoid an injury?

I provide at home person training sessions or at the listed locations!

For at home clients: I can either bring equipment or use equipment provided by the client.

For more details on my sessions, CONTACT ME.

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As a fitness specialist, Jeremias designs a personalized program that guarantee results by incorporating strength, functional movement, balance, yoga stretches, dynamic stretching, and much more.  

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Jeremias has helped to transform thousands of people looking for the extra spark/motivation.


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1) private training (at your home or my based locations)

2) online training via TrainWithMe APP

3) BOTH ;)

Who Am I

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Private training locations

If at home training isn't an option, lets try one of these locations closest to you.

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Common questions I receive

How long until I get the results I want?

Is this possible? 



Step 1: Say ”I can” & contact Jeremias.

*Available for private and online training.

"Believe it in your mind and the body follows."


Online training via TrainWithMe App (TWM)

Connect to unique trainer, Jeremias. 

An innovative fitness Boston start up, TWM has recently been featured on Forbes's "Top 16 apps that guarantee more success in 2018." 

Missing workouts to do when you aren't with your trainer?

  • Quick and convenient virtual workouts put together on APPLE fitness app, TrainWithMe, by expert trainer, Jeremias Campos.
  • Avoid receiving descriptive workouts in a ebook, pdf, google doc., etc.

In 2018, 200+ clients used Jeremias as a trainer.

Connect with trainer using a FREE TRIAL link & download the app.

ONline training Designed for success

Try out my workouts designed for YOUR goals & injuries.


  • Unrestricted access to me via TrainWithMe in-app messaging
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly check-ins to keep you motivated and maximize results
  • Unlimited workouts sent via TrainWithMe with verbal and visual feedback
  • FREE Nutritional consulting/assistance
  • Most popular programs 

1) glute builder

2) shred & gain

3) muscle build

4) healthy lifestyle

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Combine in person training sessions (3, 5, 10, etc.) + TWM app for the best results 

using Trainwithme app

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Featured Wellness program of the year on TWM

Corporate Fitness Challenge via TWM app


The healthier the team is the better the productivity will be. 

Body are our temples. Cherish it before unexpected health issues arise.  

On TrainWithMe app, I have joined the other featured Boston TWM trainers to provide fitness challenges for businesses, corporates, schools, etc. 



We provide a fitness program for each employee.

TWM provides a point system on steps, workouts completed, miles traveled, etc. This will bring a competitive feel for different departments or teams to participate.  

Possible rewards

1) CASH for the most improved and/or best transformation. 

2) Win In person personal training.  

3) Win TrainWithMe app training for a MONTH.   

Corporate Wellness Programs
-Corporate fitness programs designed for team-building & work productivity. 
-At home or gym-based routines designed for all fitness levels.
-Participants get unrestricted access to in-app trainer messaging for support.
-Compete for cash and personal training prize packages.





My boyfriend and I met Jeremias Campos about 2 years ago and have been training with him consistently ever since. We like his positive attitude, the way he takes our goals seriously and the way he changes up our workout every week. Jeremias has a passion for being healthy. He brings a spiritual and holistic approach to training. He is also particularly good at motivating women to push harder, paying attention to their specific workout needs. 
Kent is a tri-athlete and I want to achieve and maintain basic fitness. With very different work out needs, this is a challenge for a trainer, but Jeremias does it effectively, tailoring each workout to challenge us both.

- Kent & Dinah 

Glute builder program


I’m 20 years old and have had a very active lifestyle growing up. However I didn’t feel comfortable with the way I looked. Every workout that I did, did not give me the results I was looking for. 

Since I have started training with Jeremias Campos on the Train With Me app, I have noticed drastic changes with the way I feel and look. I wasn’t the only one noticing them either. The workouts consist of verbal and visual instructions to make sure that you are doing the exercises correctly. Every day of training consisted working on a different part of the muscle group. Train With Me is convenient of where and when I want to train because it is scheduled into my day and was the best alternative to go to. I do not think I would ever train with out it. 

-Sydney, 20

Lifestyle change (fellas)


I began working out with Jeremias via Train With Me app because my schedule is extremely busy and always changing. Jeremias is a committed and professional trainer who truly focuses on your goals and has your best intentions at heart. He is extremely efficient in customizing your own personal routine for your specific body type.

TrainWithMe app is so convenient because I can work out anywhere and at any time. Jeremias makes workouts for both gym and at home in which he can ensure you are completing your set routine to achieve your goals. I’m able to work out at home eliminate the hassle of crowded gyms and long wait times for machines. I feel like I can work out at my own pace which drives me to work out harder. With this app and having access to a great trainer like Jeremias, there is no excuse on why you can not accomplish your goals.

I feel a lot less pain throughout my body, I feel more energetic, able, and motivated than I have ever been to reach my goals.

I lost 100+ lbs in 6 months with Jeremias.

- Chayanne, 25

Lifestyle change (ladies)


Every day I learned how to be more confident with my body and remembered the pointers Jeremias gave me on nutrition.

I started personal training with Jeremias because I hated how people use to tell me I was very over weight. I felt so uncomfortable knowing that if my habits continued, then I would be more likely to develop health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. I would love to have children in the future however if I continued my sedentary lifestyle, then I knew it would not be in my favor. I just didn’t want to feel that way anymore.

Jeremias Campos motivated me and told me that everything I wanted was all in the mind. Because the mind is the one that controls you. And everything takes time.

I lost 70 lbs from May ‘17 to November ‘17 with Jeremias as my trainer.

Every day Jeremias would help me envision our next goal. When I saw that I could lose about 5lbs + per week, I’m proud to say that Jeremias has helped me make my goal a reality.

-Stephany, 26