Results in 30-60 days. Resultados en 30-60 dias.

attention fitness go-getters!

Get results either with my private and/or online training!

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Who Am I?

Common goals achieved by my clients:

  1. Muscle build
  2. Weight/fat loss
  3. Booty Build
  4. Many more.

View the video below to understand more about his PRIVATE & ONLINE services.


Services include: private and/or online training

  • SERVICE 1) Private training (1 on 1 OR group training)

Private sessions are available at client's home or at the listed locations below!

For at home clients: I can either bring equipment or use equipment provided by the client.

HOW TO START:  contact Jeremias for a free 1st session & consultation ($200 value)

  • SERVICE 2) Online training via TrainWithMe app

HOW TO START: contact Jeremias to receive a 7 day trial & an introductory call ($100 value)

Think of these questions before picking which option of the 3 is best.

  1. Struggling to follow a routine? 
  2. Want to avoid a plateau?
  3. Want to prevent/avoid an injury?




My journey: Jeremias Campos, owner of Suave Fitness + founding trainer of the TrainWithMe app has worked with thousands to aid in their fitness journeys by providing mindfulness and fitness strategies (in & out of the gym). 

After receiving his bachelor of science in Exercise Science from Keene State College, Jeremias dedicates time to provide quality service to his clients through PRIVATE & ONLINE training.  

Why Jeremias? He has a fitness app featured on Forbes & Boston Voyager, TrainWithMe app. Through this app, he sends virtual workouts to take his influence internationally.

Value: I empower individuals of all fitness levels with my customized programs and provide insight on the mind/body connection to aid in a smooth journey. 


My why?: The results my clients receive is what drives me to continue influencing and spreading my fitness knowledge to others. 

My services: private and/or online training.

(Hablo Espanol)

Your Success is my goal!


My philosophy: 

Train well. Eat well. Feel well. Look great. 

Adapt new habits to change your perspective on your life.

More happiness, less health issues.

Training method: Incorporate dynamic stretches, yoga stretches, and strength based exercises to increase overall strength, functional movement, core/balance, and much more to make day to day life easier.

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Common questions I receive

How long until I get the results I want?

Is this possible? 



Step 1: Say ”I can” & contact Jeremias.

*Available for private and online training.

"Believe it in your mind and the body follows."



5:00 am – 5:00 pm


5:00 am – 5:00 pm


5:00 am – 5:00 pm


5:00 am – 5:00 pm


5:00 am – 5:00 pm





Choose what fits best

You ready?

Jeremias has helped to transform thousands of people looking for the extra spark/motivation.

Start now

As a fitness specialist, Jeremias designs a personalized program that is designed to improve day to day life.

Training philosophy: Personalized exercise program with progressions each 4-12 weeks.

- Increase overall strength, functional movement, core/balance, and much more.

Training Specialities: boxing mitts, tabata/HIIT, weight training, etc.


Which services fits best for you?

1) private training (Boston/North Shore Boston)

2) online training via TrainWithMe app

3) BOTH!

using Trainwithme app

Check out this great video to understand how clients use this currently. 

Schedule an introductory call to try a 7 day trial of TrainWithMe app. (no credit card information!)

Each of my clients use TrainWithMe app or receive a google document to keep their workouts.

- Each week I checkin & schedule workouts for your week.

- Each month I will call you to review fitness (cardio & strength) & nutrition.