Results in 30-60 days. Resultados en 30-60 dias.


  • Avoid receiving cookie cutter workouts in a ebook, pdf, google docs, etc.
  • Receive virtual personalized workouts on your iPhone/iPad with audio cues on form, breathing, etc. delivered to your phone.

An innovative fitness Boston start up, TWM has recently been featured on Forbes's "Top 16 Apps That Guarantee More Success in 2018." 

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Designed for YOUR Success!


INCREASE the following!

1) Muscle!

2) Physique

3) Glutes!

4) Overall strength, functional movement, core/balance, and much more.

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  • Introductory phone call to catch up on SCHEDULE workouts based on goals, injuries, current fitness level, and creating the game plan to get your ideal figure.
  • Weekly check-ins via the TrainWithMe chat to schedule virtual workouts sent via TWM app.
  • Monthly 30 minutes phone consultations to revise execution of game plan.
  • Monthly nutritional consulting/assistance
  • Unrestricted access to me via TrainWithMe in-app chat.