Results in 30-60 days. Resultados en 30-60 dias.

About Us


My parents come from Dominican Republic. They are my motivation to pursue greatness & motivate the masses to be comfortable in their skin as they grow, physically & mentally. 

Both of my parents were so caught up keeping my brother & I on track that they lost themselves in terms of health. Some of my family members have passed from diabetes, cancer, and other health issues. 

My belief: I am a believer of enjoying the journey! “It’s a marathon, not a sprint.” 

Day by day, We get better. I remember feeling weak, no confidence, lacking direction, etc. I encourage all my clients to remember their defining moments & use it as motivation.

My origin: Born in the Bronx, NY & raised in Lynn, MA.

After receiving his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Keene State College has influenced my journey to empower people to take ACTION & manifesting into a better human beings by using their WHY to fuel your journey. 

Privately I have trained.. 

  • a NASA engineer
  • Wall Street business men & women
  • Artists
  • Professors
  • Develop corporation wellness programs 
  • I’ve been blessed to train clients from EACH continent except Antarctica.

Why Jeremias? He has a fitness app featured on Forbes & Boston Voyager, TrainWithMe app. Through this app, he sends virtual workouts to take his influence internationally.     

My why?: The results my clients receive is what drives me to continue influencing and spreading my fitness knowledge to others. 

(Hablo Espanol)

Mind. Body. Spirit.

"Life is a marathon, not a sprint race."

In life and fitness, people can get overwhelmed in knowing they have work to do to achieve their ideal body.

Before fitness, I aid in getting clients behind YOUR why & envisioning their ideal body to increase the power of visualization.

Anything is possible. Action is the determinant!