About Us


My Story

Suave Fitness is created to empower others to become better human beings by using mind & body techniques to aid in day to day routine + self care.

My parents come from Dominican Republic. They are my motivation to pursue greatness & motivate the masses to be comfortable in their skin as they grow, physically & mentally. 

Both of my parents were so caught up keeping my brother & I on track that they lost themselves in terms of health. Some of my family members have passed from diabetes, cancer, and other health issues. 

I remember feeling insecure & not confident when it came to the gym and/or walking around with my shirt off. 


Privately I have trained ...

  • a NASA engineer
  • Wall Street business men & women
  • Artists
  • Professors
  • Develop corporation wellness programs 
  • Clients from EACH continent except Antarctica.

My why?:


Mind. Body. Spirit.

"Life is a marathon, not a sprint race."

In life and fitness, people can get overwhelmed in knowing they have work to do to achieve their ideal body.

Before fitness, I aid in getting clients behind YOUR why & envisioning their ideal body to increase the power of visualization.

Anything is possible. Action is the determinant!


My Why?

The results my clients receive is what drives me to continue influencing and spreading my fitness knowledge to others. 


Fun Fact?

Hablo Espanol.